A Single Doctor Plan from Every Branch for Health Tourism Has Started

In Turkey’s shining sectors, health tourism is increasing its impact on the country’s economy with each passing day. With offices located in overseas centers in order to accelerate health tourism in the international arena, Turkish health tourism will become a brand in many areas of the world in the coming periods.

Onsite Service is a Condition for Sustainability in Health Tourism

In order to ensure sustainability in the health tourism sector, where competition and market share are increasing day by day, on-site service understanding is of great importance to provide confidence in health tourists. The mutual trust built in overseas offices is one of the most important building blocks of Turkish health tourism.

Thanks to this service understanding that MedicalinTürkiye has brought to Turkish health tourism, quality service will be brought to the feet of health tourists. Thanks to these offices where Turkey is represented, the opportunity to carry out a planned and close contact is possible in the target countries, the number of which is increasing day by day, has emerged.

Only One Doctor from Every Branch from Every City will be Worked

Continuing to work with sector-specific projects to reveal the potential of Turkish health tourism, MedicalinTürkiye continues its efforts to represent health tourism in the international arena. Within the scope of a single physician plan from each branch, cooperation will be made with a single doctor from each branch in health tourism studies carried out in Turkey’s leading cities with high health tourism potential.

The purpose of this is to prevent competition among physicians in representation offices abroad and to pave the way for institutions and organizations carrying out health activities to benefit from equal representation.

The aim of the Turkish Health Center offices operating in the leading cities of the world such as England, Netherlands, Italy, Uzbekistan and Germany is to bring a fair, transparent and profitable health tourism system for everyone.

The only doctor project is a MedicalinTürkiye business plan developed to strengthen this system.

All Required is Certificate of Authorization

Health tourism authorization certificate is of great importance in terms of ensuring sustainability and maintaining quality standards in Turkish health tourism. For this reason, Medical Turkey does not cooperate with health institutions and organizations that do not have a health tourism authorization certificate in Turkey.

Health institutions and organizations that want to increase their representation and brand awareness abroad. Must have a license issued by the Ministry of Health.

Bilge Fatma IŞIK, General Manager of MedicalinTürkiye, expressed her views on the subject;

‘’In today’s health tourism sector, distant contact is not enough, close contact is among the important requirements for mutual trust. However, we cannot allow competition between branches while doing this, we want to increase the price in the health tourism market, which has a volume of 20 billion dollars with our single physician plan, and ensure that everyone gains.”


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